I made this project during my bachelor degree studies in Bogota. The creative process of this project began with sketches about the environment. Taking those ideas, I made posters for the brand “Fanta". I merged photography with illustration and typography while keeping in mind the target audience, which was supposed to be teenagers between 10-16 years old. The main problem was trying to merge the environment with the brand and the target. All teenagers usually like things that are related to being free, independent and rebellious. So I created the following copy:

“Revoluciona tu medio ambiente” (Stir up your environment)

This sentence made me see the sky in another way, another color, the gray colors along Bogota, and how absent the teen spirit was in some areas. So I innovated my photographs, giving them imagination and things that we usually thought about when we were kids. 
I also had fun recording my self skating and adding an organic animation that will continue the idea of stirring up your environment. Check it out in the video bellow.

If you want to find out more about the process of this project please follow the link

Photography and Design by Maria Infinita
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