"The Design of Dissent"

This book from Milton Glaser and Mirko Ilic is perhaps one of my favorites. The primary reason that I chose to become a graphic designer was for the sake of others. I have always wanted to utilize my talents so that I can help the greater community that I live in and change the world through freedom of expression.
This personal project focuses on the Ingas; indigenous Colombians who are moving to Bogotá, yet are losing their identity. This is due to both acculturation and discrimination —the latter of which deserves our utmost attention, I believe, for it can and does infringe upon people’s identity.
Like anyone, the Ingas desire to be included in the communities they flock to and seek a new life in, without having to compromise their cultural identity or integrity. It was for this reason that I created a design proposal for my friend, Catherine Pujimunuy, who is a human rights activist that fights on behalf of the Ingas and the nature preserve in Putumayo, Colombia.
Catherine is an authentic Inga who lives in Bogota. She had to change her way of dress in order to be accepted in the cosmopolitan city, Bogota. Furthermore, she is known for performing a traditional Inga dance in the historical district of Candelaria on a weekly basis. 

Color Palette
I decided to explore two different lights. Blue-cold one related to water, sky, and heaven, as well as a deep red and terracotta, traditional colors of blood and earth. 

Even though it was not my original intention, I eventually came to realize that non-indigenous people could see these posters as well, the vast majority of Colombians who are Roman Catholic. Hence, I desired to merge my project with Marian Art (i.e the Sassoferrato virgin in prayer), a painting that inspired me to create the art direction in the photographs.
References and a sketch of my project.

Photography and Design by Maria Infinita
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